Artist Meetup/en

Artist Meetup!

※It is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.

I organize an art-based international exchange event in Tokyo every month. 
One day, when I went to an international exchange meetup, I met a foreign tourist who was also participating in it, and we found out that we were both artists. We had a great time talking about each other’s activities and works. He said “I’ve been traveling in Japan for a while, but you’re the first artist I’ve met!”.
Nowadays, thousands of international exchange events are held here and there every day in Tokyo, but there are almost no casual and open exchange events that specialize in art community. Artists gather at random, talk and mingle freely over some drinks. I hope this meetup will be an opportunity to connect creative people between Japan and the world.

※Admission free. (Please bring your own snacks and drinks.)
※Come and go as you please.
※You might be required to disinfect your hands and leave your contact information due to COVID-19.