3DD - Bar Komado・1F -/en

Three-dimensional dimensions -Bar Komado・1F-

This work was part of ATAMI ART GRANT 2023 held in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

There used to be an apartment building on this site, however, because the current Japanese building code does not allow to raising new buildings here, the land has remained untouched and vacant up until now, since the previous apartment was demolished.
When I wondered how to make the use of this place, I thought, “Although it is not possible to construct an actual building, how about creating something ‘half-building’ so to speak, in the form of architectural drawings, that are necessary in the previous step of construction?”

The motif I chose for the “half-building” is a bar called “Komado” in Chuo-cho, Atami City. It is one of the “red-light district architectures” remaining in Atami, and its layout, which is over 70 years old, could not be reconstructed under the existing building code too.

I was attracted by the common background that “as the ages progressed, these places were forced to be deviated from the rules of society” and the visual strength of each place. So these two factors led me to create this installation artwork.

Wood, Aluminum