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Creatives’ ___.

A mingling event where creative people gather to chat in an open and relaxed environment.

The next event will be held on Sunday, June 2. 13:00~18:00.
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There are many places where people involved in creative fields gather, such as exhibition openings, talk events, workshops, presentations, etc. However, I feel that there are actually not many places where people who have no connection to the community can drop by on their own and interact with others in a casual atmosphere.

For example,
If you are visiting Japan on vacation and don’t know anyone, but would like to talk with other creative people in Japan.
If you are looking for a place where creative people of various backgrounds can meet and talk without worrying about their position or status.
This event “Creatives’ ___.” aims to make such a place where people can feel free to join in. to make such a place where people can feel free to join in.

Without setting a theme or purpose, creatives from various genres gather and simply mingle without any pressure to create, achieve, or gain something.
I hope that this event will become such an opportunity.