Curriculum Vitae


鮫島 弓起雄 / SAMESHIMA Yumikio

1985 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2010 B.A. Department of Sculpture, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo, Japan
Live and work in Tokyo, Japan


After graduating from the Department of Sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University in 2010, I spent 4-5 years in teaching and traveling abroad, and began my career as an artist after returning to Japan.
Since then, I have been creating and presenting sculptures and installation works.

Through long-term overseas trave, I became aware of Japanese culture and regional characteristics that cannot be separated from my own identity.
Some of my works are related to Japanese culture and regional characteristics, such as seismic waveforms, an idea in Shintoism and a traditional painting technique that was often used in old Japanese paintings called “Yamato-e”.
I also create installation art which is deeply related and not able to be separated from the exhibition space both physically and conceptually by using the features the elements of the site.

In addition, I have been working on exploring personal and international connections among artists. For example, organizing an international creative meet-up “Creatives’ ___.”, and being a core member of “JaM -Artist in Homestay-“, an art exchange project between Japan and Mexico.

Recently, besides creating my own artworks, I am also involved in activities to solve local issues by utilizing my experience, skills and ideas as an artist. For instance, to suggest ideas for a new product for a local stone association in a stone farming area, to propose and design solutions for the usage of vacant houses in a rural area, and to launch a program for regional development in a disaster-stricken area where the population has been seriously declining since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


― ATAMI ART GRANT 2023, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
― Rokko Meets Art 2023 beyond, Mount Rokko, Hyogo, Japan
― Solo exhibition “A Calligrapher’s Exhibition, July 2022”, Double Tall – Art and Espresso Bar, Tokyo
― Kameyama Triennale, Kameyama, Mie
― RANPO WANTED, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo
― Sense Island Sarushima Dark Museum 2021, Sarushima, Kanagawa, Japan
― KENZAN 2021, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

― “Artful life”, Isetan Urawa store Art Gallery, Saitama
― Brillia Culture Spice, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
― “Teahouse and contemporary art -WABI・SABI- “, Yuumi koubou gallery, Okayama
― “LENGUAJES ALTERNOS” JaM -Artist in Homestay-, Rüido Proyectos Galería, Aguascalientes, Mexico
― “Artisti “Q” Museum by C-DEPOT” , Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo
― Brillia Art Awards 2019, Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu building, Tokyo
― “J-POP ART”, Takamatsu Mitsukoshi, Exhibition Hall, Kagawa
― “MONOCHROME”, Gallery Art Composition, Tokyo
― Water and Land, Niigata Art festival, Kosudo, Niigata
― IAG ARTISTS SELECTION, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo
― Kameyama Triennale, Kameyama, Mie
― “Art exhibition to feel time “, Isetan Shinjuku store Art Gallery, Tokyo
― “Kosudo in Tokyo”, S.Y.P Art Space, Tokyo
― “Gembi Dokodemo Competition” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima
― Kosudo ART Project 2016 Artist residency program, Kosudo, Niigata
― Emerging Artist Review “Mountains. People. Roads.” Emerging Artist Review,  S.Y.P Art Space, Tokyo
― Trolls in the Park 2015 Open air Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Zenpukuji park, Tokyo,
― “Art scramble”, Gallery 494, Tokyo

 Selected, Brillia Art Awards 2019
 Shihoko Iida Prize(Special Jury Prize), Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

Residence project
Katsurao AIR, residency program
2022 Micro Art Workation (MAW)
2020 Manazuru Honkomatsu stone Project
2018 Water and Land, Niigata Art festival, Kosudo ART Project 2018, residency program
2016 Kosudo ART Project 2016, residency program

Other active careers
2022 OZOTOWN Project
 Exhibition “JaM session 1.5” Organizer and manager
2021 Fukushima Hamadori Boarding School
2021 Shiramine Boarding School
2019 International creative meet-up “Creatives’ ___.” Organizer