A Calligrapher’s Exhibition, July 2022/en

Solo exhibition “A Calligrapher’s Exhibition, July 2022”

Exhibiting an exhibition.
When I participate in an exhibition, I always create my works with the idea of “showing the space itself” where the exhibition is held, rather than “showing the artworks” there.
I try to make a situation in which the viewer’s attention is focused not only visually, but also on the inner aspects of the place and its background.

Precisely one year ago, a solo exhibition by calligrapher Yuta Ichikawa, “Hito-shizuku” was being held at this place “Double Tall Art and Espresso Bar”.
Ichikawa works as a calligrapher and also works as a barista at the counter here. I consider that holding a solo exhibition by a person, who spends time in this space regularly must have a very different perspective on the space and the meaning of the show compared to exhibitions by other artists.

During his exhibition, he stayed at the gallery every day, served drinks he made, brought his own calligraphy supplies, and writing requested words by visitors on postcards or calligraphy paper and giving it to them, thus giving the guests some special time and experience.
In addition, Ichikawa’s expressive activities are not limited to the realm of an ordinary calligrapher, but range from paper craftsman, workshops, and collaborative performances with other disciplines such as dance and music. This is something in common with the diversity of Double Tall Art and Espresso Bar, which has two forms: as an espresso bar and a gallery, and hosts exhibitions, performances, live music, and events in a wide variety of genres.

In my solo exhibition this time, I will reconstruct that Ichikawa’s exhibition of a year ago, using my original point of view and method of “Three-dimensional dimensions” to express Double Tall Art and Espresso Bar itself.

At the exhibition, AR technology was utilized, so that visitors were able to see the calligraphy works of Yuta Ichikawa which were used as motifs, by pointing their smart phones or tablets to the artworks.

Wood, Acrylic, AR