Sense Island Sarushima Dark Museum 2021

This exhibition was held at Sarushima (meaning Monkey Island in Japanese), the only natural island in Tokyo Bay.
Opening hours were limited to the evening, and visitors were required to seal up their cell phones and carry small flashlights as they toured the island. There are no streetlights in the island, so visitors can feel the silence and darkness of the night while perceiving the artworks scattered about, which is a special experience that awakens our original senses.


Monkey island with no monkeys

If you load this row of ” 1″ and ” 0″ into a computer using the character code Shift_JIS, you will get the sentence “Monkey Island with no monkeys”.

In fact, there are no monkeys in this Monkey Island.


Shift_JIS is an old character code that is becoming a relic of the past.

If you move it into the Unicode environment, which is now the mainstream, it will turn into garbled characters.


The island was once a fortress island that protected Tokyo Bay.

It is now a national historic site, and you are not allowed to move even a single pebble or leaf from the island.


These numbers were constructed by lining up bricks.

The ruins of the fortress on the island were constructed using the “French stacking” technique, which is a very rare brick construction in Japan.

Wood, Light brick, Wire