Unraveling the mountain/en

Unraveling the mountain

This work was a part of Rokko Meets Art 2023 beyond, held at Mount Rokko, Kobe.
This is an installation artwork that materializes contour lines in the real world.

Contour lines are lines connecting points of the same elevation, and are used to indicate the undulations of the ground surface, such as mountains and valleys. The narrower intervals between the lines show steep slopes, while the wider intervals show more gradual terrain. They are always drawn on maps used for mountaineering.
In this work, the thin lines are set at 50 cm and the thick lines at 2 m. Numbers 822 and 824, which indicate the elevation of the spot, also appear on the thick lines. The elevation and contour shape of the site in the botanical garden were calculated based on data from the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

On the way to Mt. Rokko, while riding the bus from Rokko-michi Station to the Rokko Cable, the bus ascended the slope and I felt ” Umm, I am actually in a mountainside,” and I wondered if I could transform this feeling into an artwork.
The elevation of Rokko-michi Station is about 25m, Rokko Cable Station is about 250m, and the summit of Mount Rokko is 931m.

Wood, Cloth